As a business owner, you know that the expediting of raw materials, parts, systems, and subsystems in inbound logistics is common. But it is a necessary evil for many companies. After all, there are many reasons for expediting, These include missed contracted delivery dates, damage to stock, supplier-related issues, and tight customer requirements.

When you are purchasing these materials, the expediting can be burdensome and stressful. The reality is that many stakeholders that rely on delivery dates are involved in this process, especially when parts are critical. And even though “chasing” suppliers is not a job a buyer is supposed to do, it ends up doing so most of the time.

You probably already had to handle a lot of revised delivery dates. From the absence of a formal process to the use of different forms of communication at the same time, you, as a buyer, need to deal with many different challenges. This is why it is so important to implement a common process, have good relationships between suppliers and buyers, and make sure that the organization has a policy for escalation is a good start toward improving the expedite process. However, when the company determines the root cause, it can reduce and mitigate expediting problems over the long term.

INSPEX follows your orders instead of you and try to catch up delivery time of your orders. During the visits, INSPEX reviews and evalautes your orders, manufacturding Schedule, suborders of your manufacterer, manpower of your manufacturer. Key topics discuss with you and Manufacturer and try to solve the obstacle of your orders.

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